OsMa ADI Parabolic

Traders mainly use trend indicators to predict other trends,
validate their logical assumptions, and to neglect wrong signals. In addition,
trend indicators play a major role in reducing risk. Accordingly, we have
prepared a short article about some of the most common trend indicators that
facilitate trades.

OsMa – Moving Average of Oscillator


OsMa has 4 signals to read that help your trading process, and
they are:

  1. OsMa rising above zero
    indicates buying the signal
  2. OsMa falling below zero
    indicates selling a signal
  3. OsMa first rising then
    changing indicates a bearish reversal
  4. OsMa first falling then
    rising indicates a bullish reversal

ADI or ADX – Average Directional
Movement Indicator

Welles Wilder first developed this indicator to make it capable
of representing the Trend Strength, which is a used criterion by many traders.

The indicator strength mimics the motion of the trend with going up and down with the trend exactly to interpret its motion. This indicator states that the strength high whenever the prices are ranging, which is not normal but at least known. The ADI or ADX has 3 indicating lines where they show the current trend, the high trend, and the low trend.


The crossing over of the two lines is a very important factor in
determining whether to sell or buy the signal.

 The Parabolic indicator

Parabolic indicator

The Parabolic indicator has many functions like:

  • Indication on the right time to close the trade
  • Confirm or deny trend direction
  • State if the trend is continuing or ending
  • Flat stages

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