SunChin-Star Forex Trading System


SunChin-Star System

The fundamental things that have helped me to become the successful trader that I am today is my ability to control emotions & to have patience. Also, I have made sure to adhere to my principal trading strategy always. Today I will share with you another highly profitable system. It can’t detect tops or bottoms so do not expect 100% accuracy. But this very system is aimed to show a trader the right direction when current flow seems to be very strong. Then, you can simply grab pips & have a great time.

The good part is this strategy has shown to work well on any kind of chief currency pairs. However, my personal picks are- AUD/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CHF since these are maximum traded options. The strategy here follows trend and offers good results right on the daily charts. It’s super easy to follow this system & you won’t need to waste hours before computer to watch each tick.

Please see the chart here:

SunChin-Star Forex Trading System

This system has been developed on Fisher histogram and Golden Finger. What I believe is that, you know a system is truly reliable if it follows trend. And both these indicators will show you the perfect direction.

Rules of trading:

Buy Signal:

  1. You should wait till blue dot appears below price candle.
  2. Fisher histogram must be green.

Sell Signal:

  1. You should wait till yellow dot appears above price candle.
  2. Fisher histogram must be red

Here you have another example:

SunChin-Star Forex Trading System

Profit Target: When one trades three mini lots, then one mini lot will be out at say +60 (stop loss should move to entry level), the second  mini lot will be out at say +100 ; and third mini lot will be out at say +200

Stop Loss: around 60 pips

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