Step MACD Forex Strategy


Step MACD Forex Strategy

First, you will copy all needed files and then run MT4. Next, you will open any major pair that you wish to trade like GBP/USD or EUR/USD and so on. Then, you will have to set time frame of chart to 4H. Now, you will apply the given template. As you will do this, you will find a chart such as this:

This system has combined two indicators which assure great results on superior time frames as it follows trend. You will be glad to know this particular system is really easy and fast. No longer would you have to waste time before computer to keep tab on each tick. Put simply, this Forex Strategy comprises of easy rules as well as amazing rewards.

  1. Buy when you see MACD has turned green while the yellow line seems to be above the blue one (StepMA).
  2. Sell when you see MACD has turned red while the yellow line seems to be below the blue one (StepMA)
  3. T/P seems to be150 to 200 pips while S/L seems to be 100 to150 pips

Have a look at the chart given below:

Step MACD Forex Strategy

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