Green Fire Forex Strategy


Green Fire Forex Strategy

The Green Fire Strategy has been developed based on 5 indicators

  1. MA in Color_wAppliedPrice
  2. Heiken_Ashi_Smoothed1lime
  3. time to next bar
  4. TrendLord
  5. Woodie_CCI_Adv.1.0

A template has been included as well.

After you install these indicators as well as add template, the chart will appear as the one you can see above.

Now, this strategy will enable you to witness amazing results in the trend market. You will simply have to abide by certain easy rules- detect whether the market has been trending or it is just noisy.

Guide to check market readiness to start trading

The most crucial thing to do here is to read & check the charts. It will enable you to gather a concrete idea on whether or not the market is actually conducive for trading. You require a clean trend here on charts and there must be very little ups & downs trends. Movement ought to be say from around 30-70 pips. And these movements should be clear, sans huge candles or noise.

Green Fire Forex Strategy

The example that you can see above denotes excellent market condition which means it is highly conducive for trading.

But if you witness a market condition same as the chart you see below, do not trade.

After you find a market condition as you see with the image above, there’s hardly any scope to make the pips. Your only task here is to wait for a better condition. If you find a noisy market, don’t proceed to trade.

How to apply Green Fire Strategy in trading?

Before entering a trade, check out the current affairs of the market. You get 3 kinds of market for trading here- bearish, bullish & sideway trend.

Bearish trend

If you find a bearish market trend, you will only enter the sell trades, especially when you see white after green.

See the image above, I have already marked the entry points (1,2 3). Proceed with sell trades when you see white candles after the green ones.

Point to be noted: Never close trade or enter trade till the candle comes close to you. It’s to note here current candles may change colors at times. So, don’t proceed before a candle is near to you.

Sideway trend

If you find a market trend such as this on above, you may enter any kind of trend reversal. You will be able to enter trade after the candle closes in a different shade.

However, I will suggest you to trade specifically in bullish and bearish markets, especially if you’re a beginner.

In case you have any queries about the strategy, post your comments below. I promise to offer the best help possible.

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Download Green Fire Strategy indicators with template