Gann Power System Forex Strategy

The Gann Power System Forex Strategy

This strategy has shown to work for all main currency pairs. However, I will personally recommend EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD as well as USD/CHF since these are most liquid options. You may opt for any kind of time frame, based on your specific trading style. However, my personal preferences are M30 or M15 chart. In case you’re trading with shorter time frames, try to avoid trading activities in irregular market situations like late Fridays or early Asian session.

Trading success denotes earning the best possible returns when the trader is right & losing out on as meager as possible while he is wrong. It’s the very essence of this kind of business. After all, trading is especially about the process of “pain taking” end of the day but many don’t realize this yet. It denotes the very process of bypassing greed, fear & mastering calmness. Here I am offering you a great strategy that will enable you to thrive in the market.

Please see the chart here:

Gann Power System Forex Strategy

There’re two powerful indicators which you have to watch. The good news is trading rules here are extremely easy.

Buy Signal:
-Wait till  price candle closes above Gann Line
– Gann Line must be green
-MT4 indicator must be blue Sell Signal:
-Wait till price candle closes below Gann Line
-Gann Line must be red
-MT4 indicator must be brown

Profit Target: Well, it will depend on your chosen currency pair for trading. if its EUR/USD on a 30M time, you can take to minimum 20-30 pips. Try the strategy given here on various pairs to find the best option before you plunge to trade live.

Stop Loss- It all depends on your chosen time frame for trading. So for example, if there are 25 pips, the time frame will be 30M.

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