MTindicators offer 100% Targeted Forex Solo Ads !


Direct email marketing solutions to our advertisers.

Our visitors are high-quality targeted community interested in Forex indicators and strategies.

Forex indicators, Forex trading tips and strategies. Basically, it’s extremely targeted traffic which comes mainly from organic search engines, trading forums and Forex related websites.

We specialize in forex solo ads and we can promote YOUR forex offer to our subscribers through our highly responsive mailing lists. You can try out a solo with us as small as 100 clicks, or if you are just starting out and want a reasonable size traffic, you can our "1000+ clicks" package below.


100+ Quality Clicks for $250 Only

forex solo ads leads

250+ Quality Clicks for $350

forex solo ads leads

500+ Quality Clicks for $475

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1000+ Quality Clicks for $850

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1500+ Clicks for $1,225

forex solo ads leads




Select the solo ad package and place your order today.


Provide us with your website or squeeze page URL and ad copy.


Your solo ad is scheduled and confirmed with tracking link.



Please email us your PAYPAL TRANSACTION # and AD COPY DETAILS. You may also leave us a short message via Skype chat. A confirmation will be sent once your email broadcast has been released along with a traffic tracking link.

Send your solo ad details to:



Q.Will I get raw or unique clicks?

A.There are two types of traffic, known as raw and unique. Most solo sellers will sell you raw clicks.

Raw is the total number of clicks to a link clicked. In other words if a viewer clicked at a link 5 times in his email, the raw count for this will be 5.

However, the same 5 clicks would be counted as 1 unique click.

We work with unique clicks since we know that you will get the best value for your money i.e. more conversions with traffic with uniques versus raw traffic.

Q.What is a forex solo ad?

A.Generally speaking, a solo ad is a form of advertising (“rental” if you will) that is sent out via email to a list of subscribers who are keen about a specific product or offer.

MTindicators, has a very responsive list of forex subscribers. We help you promote and sell your products online, you basically purchase targeted traffic to your forex offer or a partner's offer with your affiliate link.

With our Forex Solo Ads you can even collect email leads with your squeeze page to build your own subscribers list to promote your products.


• All solos will be sent out to targeted forex list(s) only.
• Please keep your forex ad short, attractive and to the point with up to a maximum of 3 paragraphs.
• We reserve the right to make changes to your ad for better fit to our list if required.
• Please allow 3 to 5 days for delivery of traffic for larger orders.
• We reserve the right to refuse any ad if the offer is not a good fit to our list. Your order will be cancelled and refunded.
• Once your campaign has started there will be no refunds. By placing an order, you agree to the NO REFUND policy.
• Your solo ad will be scheduled for the earliest spot available. If you require traffic on a specific day you will need to make a booking in advance.
• You understand that we cannot determine the results you will receive with your solo ad order. All conversions, optins and sales depends on how attractive your offer and the product is. You understand that we do not have control over how many leads decide to signup for your offer. However, we can guarantee that your offer will be seen by our high quality & responsive leads for the best possible results.


For more information please contact us.